First thoughts: New England Patriots @ the Indianapolis Colts

1) If I couldn’t have Brady as my QB, I’d want Luck

2) I think the Patriots secondary is better equipped to deal with the Colts receivers than the Colts secondary is equipped to deal with the Patriots receivers

3) Slight special teams advantage to the Patriots

4) One solid advantage the Colts have over the Pats is at RB. Bradshaw is easily the best back on the field. He’s not great, mainly because he’s not that durable, but he has all the tools and if he had been able to stay healthy, he’s another beast-mode.

5) The Colts are not dead until they are killed and then killed again. If NE gets up, they must keep the pedal to the metal…they NEVER quit and that’s a reflection of Luck and their coach.

6) Besides, NE, the Colts are best equipped to deal with the Broncos.

7) Probably should’ve been first…but as always, the key to this offense remaining prolific is Gronkowski. He needs to be himself, but do whatever, if there is anything he can do, to stay healthy.


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