Was the LeGarrett Blount acquisiton engineered?

I Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Since I had the time to do some reading this morning between playing with my son Sam, walking the dog and getting the privilege of deciding what cool pumpkin desserts my wife is going to make for the next 4 weeks, I came across the BS report by Bill Simmons and in his latest article on ESPN, there was a link to an article written by Pittsburgh Steelers beat writer Ed Bouchette regarding the possibility that Blount and the Patriots possibly worked together to have Blount rejoin the Patriots.

I must admit that since I think Belichick’s mind is the equal of a Russian chess grandmaster it DID occur to me that this reunion almost seemed too good to be true. Blount knows the system, and brings things that Gray cannot in that he’s a HUGE, 250lb back with sneaky elusiveness and breakaway speed that can also return kickoffs.

Now in order for this to have happened, ALL 31 other teams, some of which are incredibly tailback needy, would have to pass on him when he was waived and then if they really did want him but didn’t want to assume his contract the were free to negotiate with him. The chances that the Patriots orchestrated this are infinitesimal. Right?

In the end, I see now way that Patriots manufactured this situation. Blount is not so good as to be the deciding factor down the stretch. He does bring good value for pennies but the juice certainly isn’t worth the squeeze right? To have planned this, Blount and the Patriots would have to risk everything. Blount his career and the Patriots would get the scarlet ‘C’ forever branded that not even the biggest of homers could ignore.

Somewhere in one of the caves Belicheck works out of in the bowels of Gillette Stadium, I can see owner Bob Kraft asking Bill the question: “Hey Bill, remember the last time we only gained maybe a 1% advantage? Tell me this is on the up and up.”


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