Recap of the Patriots – Colts AFCCG

Could not be happier at the way the Patriots played last night!

Privately, I thought this could happen. I did not want to temp karma too much but only true Colts homers would’ve thought they had a realistic shot at winning last night. The Patriots are better everywhere. Better QB, RB’s, TE’s, OL, DL, CB’s, LBs, Kicker and Punter and they had an almost unfair coaching advantage. We are SO fortunate to have Bill Belichick as the coach of this team.

First Quarter: Getting off on the right foot!

When the Pats D gets a 3 and out to start it’s usually a very good sign they are on their game and tonight was no different. Of course, the Pats couldn’t immediately convert that into points but it was clear that they should have as Brady missed a wide-open Edelman on a deep crossing route that would’ve put the ball deep in Colts territory. No matter, the D continued to hold the fort and New England then was able to drive down and get 7, effectively ending the game. When they score first at home, they have a record that is hard to believe. I do not have the stats at this moment, but I can only think of a game or two in which they have lost at home when scoring first or leading at halftime.

Second Quarter:  Missed chance at an early TKO

While the D was still doing well, the offense had a good chance to put the team up 21 and effectively ending the game. However, Tom did what Tom sometimes does and that is forcing the ball to Gronk. The covering LB clearly did not bite on play-action (good by him as the run game was working) and stayed with Gronk who was clearly the larger threat. It’s an understating it to say that Brady is uber-prepared but sometimes I think that works against him as he’ll make a throw purely based on the look he gets and doesn’t adjust when the defense adjusts. Also, the Colts get credit (and that Pats coaching staff should get some of the credit too) for holding the Pats to 3 late in the half. 7 there would’ve also spelled their doom but it was as it turned out merely a weak attempt at holding off the inevitable.


The Patriots were clearly worried, so they decided against making adjustments and went straight to the equipment managers area and as a team, started deflating balls.

Third Quarter: Nothing short of a tour DE force performance.

Total dominance. Offense, Defense, special teams.

Forth Quarter: Icing on the cake that almost turned out to be a crap pie in the face

As they continued to dominate, Josh and Billy got a little cute, and THE FRANCHISE was hit dangerously in the knees, THE FRANCHISE is fine, but THE FRANCHISE was put in that spot because sometimes Billy Boy and little Josh don’t know when to quit. It’s why we are good, and why Patriots and their fans are hated on. Good with the bad I suppose.


2 thoughts on “Recap of the Patriots – Colts AFCCG

    • Everybody is entitled is supposed since we have free speech. Even sore losers who’ll never move on because in their minds it’s all a conspiracy. I actually hope it is and Belichick has a drone over your house right now. Have a great evening!

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