So, a lot has happened since I last wrote….

Hello! Been quite some time since my last missive.

  1. Pats Smash Colts, Colts/Jets/Ravens trigger deflated balls saga that is still going on. Today.
  2. Pats beat Seattle, with balls more scrutinized than a testicular cancer survivor’s. Brady proves once and for all (at least to Pats fans and a few non-haters) that he’s either the GOAT or GOAT 1A.
  3. Just a foolish off-season made up by Goodell designed to keep fans interested all summer
  4. Goodell Slams Brady with T H I N evidence at best and a made up conclusion to fit a narrative at worst.
  5. Brady fights back, kicks Goodell’s ass in court.
  6. Brady destroys NFL for first 5 weeks..then EVERYONE ON HIS OFFENSE get hurt.
  7. By this time, all the Revis lovers come to the conclusion that Belicheck in fact IS a genius and the D really begins to shine, Malcom freaking Butler became a freaking pro-bowl level corner and Logan Ryan is not far behind either. D comes into it’s own, helping out the O in some tough W’s.
  8. Collins comes down with Plague, Hightower hurts knee, Easley to IR with leg, etc, etc…and we lose 2 in a row…games that should’ve been won.
  9. Team gets things back on track, getting to 12-2 and sewing up a 1st round bye but injuries to Edelman, Amendola, Lewis, Blount, Solder, Wedell, Cannon (on and off), Gronk (on and off), Dobson, Hightower, McCourtey, Easley (12 starters right there) threaten the run to Santa Clara.
  10. Special teams…hugely annoying and disturbing trend of DROPPING/MUFFING punts after the D makes a great stop. 3 or 4 games in a row now. That WILL Cost us in the playoffs.
  11. Curiously cool pick-up:


So, here we are, sitting at 12-2. TONS of guys hurt but some have a chance to be back for the playoffs.


My prediction is this:

If the Pats get some guys back (E-man) and keep some guys healthy (Gronk), the O will score 30 per game.

If the D gets a healthy Hightower, Collins stays germ free and Mayo continues to improve coupled with McCourty coming back we’ll be pretty good defensively and shouldn’t give up more than 20 ish.


Pats roll through AFC playoffs…Face Seattle in SB.


Pats win, with the help of new addition Steven Jackson…31-23

If I get the time (work, volunteer work, wife, 2 kids , dog and triathlon training) I’ll be back with some updates!




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