What the Pats will do without Gronkowski

Once again, Patriots Nation is dealing with the fallout from yet another Gronkowski injury. He is the very definition of ‘star-crossed’ in my mind because whether it’s God, Mother Nature or just lucky genes maybe no-one in the history of the league has been given so much ability AND used his ability to the very best of his capability and had it so cruelly taken away, so often. Maybe Gronk can be the next Thomas Davis who by last count has gone through 3 knee reconstructions and still plays at a very high level.

What that being said, it COULD work out in the Patriots favor if the following happen:

  1. Realize that the dream of a 2, super-TE offense simply is unsustainable. The position is too physical and guys built like that are all too often put in spots of vulnerability to the  big hitters of the league.
  2. The cupboard is NOT bare. They have 2 of the better pass catching backs, 2 of the best short to mid range WR’s, and 2 emerging deep threats and very, VERY good TE.
  3. They key, like last year at Denver, is the O-line and Scarnecchia. If they stay in 1 piece, and give Tom the time he needs then we can still pick apart anyone as well as run the ball decent enough.
  4. This may energize the defense too. While not allowing a lot of points…it’s surely not been at all pretty how they are doing it. If they can use this as motivation (many are counting them out) and step up their game just a little bit more then this team still can come out of the AFC and go to the Super bowl.

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