Patriots Vs. Rams. Pats 26, Rams 10

Today’s game went almost exactly as I’d hoped.

  1. The Pats got the W. Maybe not in as dominating a fashion as I’d have like but it was a solid, workman like victory that usually serves the team well when they find themselves in tough scrums late in the year.
  2. ALMOST got away scott-free on the injury front. I was not as worried as many because the cupboard is not at all bare. BUT, losing Gronk and now a very clutch Amendola for who knows how long hurts.  Hightower dodged a bullet and came back to play well

Going forward, every game from here on out will be basically a playoff game with the exception of the Jets. They will not win in Foxboro. Ain’t happenin’. But, the Ravens are again, BIG, and BAD and have the kind of offense that causes a team with no pass rush big problems. The Broncos are just always going to be a problem and Miami will be playing for their playoff lives.

Have to give kudos to the GOAT. He played the old school kind of game he used to…remember the ‘just don’t do something stupid’ days? Well, today he did nothing stupid, but showed you that when needed he can make ridiculous throws (Hogan TD) or ridiculous plays (escape pressure enough to get off a deep ball while getting smashed to a place only his guy could get to it. That Tom Brady can will this team into the SB.


I was talking with my good friend Joe Fletcher…unknown football guru from upstate NY…about why the Pats always win. I was telling him that Brady simply does not do the stupid things other QB’s do. In all his years, I bet he’s had about 2 unintentional delay of games. I see so called good QB’s do that week in, and week out. His clock management is nearly flawless, and he’s rarely in a bad play. The team is coached not to do stupid things, and the QB takes that to an art form. Hard to lose when a team doesn’t do stupid things to itself.

All I have for now, sad to hear about Earl Thomas. The best hitting safety in the game.







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